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Leed Environmental, Inc.

Ross Metals Site; Rossville, Tennessee

Site Description:   During the period from 1978 to 1992, Ross Metals operated a secondary lead reclamation facility at the site and processed spent lead-acid batteries, lead dross, lead scrap, and other lead-bearing material into reusable lead alloy. The 13.7-acre site is located in a rural and residential area of Rossville, Tennessee. An unlined landfill containing about 10,000 cubic yards of blast furnace slag was located in the northern portion of the site. In addition, about 6,000 cubic yards of stockpiled slag was stored on site in several deteriorating buildings. Lead-contaminated surface soil was located throughout the site, and lead-contaminated subsurface soil was also present in portions of the site.

Responsibilities:   Leed Environmental, Inc. was retained to serve as the technical project coordinator for the Ross Metals Site PRP Group. Part of the work performed by Leed Environmental, Inc. included a comprehensive review of the remedial investigation and feasibility study that had been completed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and preparation of technical comments to respond to EPA's proposed remedial action plan for contaminated soil, landfill waste, wetlands, and buildings. Leed Environmental, Inc. also prepared technical specifications and a request for proposal, and coordinated the Ross Metals Site PRP Group's efforts to solicit contractor bids for remedial activities.

Project Status:   Remedial activities at the site have been successfully completed.

Project Duration for Leed Environmental, Inc.:   One year, complete.