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Leed Environmental, Inc.

Leed Environmental, Inc. performs high-quality environmental project management, project coordination, regulatory compliance, and environmental consulting services to a diverse group of clients. Our goal is to provide exceptional services and deliver environmental solutions to:

  • Protect our clients' interests
  • Achieve our clients' objectives
  • Minimize our clients' costs

An overview  of Leed Environmental, Inc.'s services is listed below. For more detailed information, please click on the Service type provided beside each photograph.

Project Coordination for Multi-Party Steering Committees and Individual Clients 

Leed Environmental, Inc. has frequently been retained to provide project coordination services for multi-party steering committees and individual clients for complex Superfund projects. Our services involve intense project planning and execution activities in consultation with our clients, legal counsel, government regulators, environmental consultants, remediation contractors, property owners, and the public.

RCRA Project Management

Similar to the services we provide for multi-party steering committees for Superfund sites, Leed Environmental, Inc. has extensive experience in providing project management and technical advisory services related to the assessment and cleanup of active and inactive sites regulated under federal and state hazardous waste programs.

Management Consulting - Active/Inactive Sites and Voluntary Cleanup Program Sites 

For sites with complex environmental issues, Leed Environmental, Inc. has frequently been retained by our clients to perform project management services for site investigations to define the extent of contamination, feasibility studies to identify potential remediation alternatives, remedial designs, and site remediations.

Corporate Environmental Services for Business and Industry

To assist business owners and their environmental staffs, Leed Environmental, Inc. often provides project management and owner representation services (to facilitate project planning, project development, project implementation, financial tracking and control, and successful completion), environmental consulting activities, and property assessment, acquisition, and divestiture services.

Phase 1/Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

To identify potential environmental liabilities associated with commercial real estate prior to acquisition or divestiture, Leed Environmental, Inc. is frequently requested by property owners, prospective property purchasers, attorneys, business owners, and financial institutions to perform Phase 1 environmental site assessments. When recognized environmental conditions are identified, Leed Environmental, Inc. also performs Phase 2 environmental investigations which may involve surface and/or subsurface soil sampling, groundwater monitoring, non-intrusive geophysical surveys, and other investigations to define the nature and extent of contamination, if any is found.

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Leed Environmental, Inc. has extensive experience in developing and implementing environmental compliance programs for business and industry in the areas of solid waste and hazardous waste management. Our service areas include regulatory compliance and permitting activities, auditing, and development and implementation of corrective measures and cost-savings programs.

Hazardous Waste Delisting

As part of our efforts to minimize our client's potential liabilities and hazardous waste disposal costs, Leed Environmental, Inc. has significant expertise related to the planning, development, and implementation of programs that successfully delist our clients' listed hazardous wastes from the RCRA Subtitle C hazardous waste management program.

Brownfields/Site Assessment Services

For abandoned or unused commercial and industrial brownfields sites that cannot be developed or expanded due to environmental issues, Leed Environmental, Inc. offers consulting and technical advisory services to property owners, purchasers, developers, and financial institutions interested in evaluating environmental liabilities and potential opportunities for remediation and redevelopment.

Environmental Due Diligence

Leed Environmental, Inc. performs environmental due diligence services to assist our clients in understanding the regulatory status of commercial real estate and potential environmental liabilities. We also assist our clients in developing strategies to address compliance issues, contamination, and potential liabilities.

Environmental Auditing

Leed Environmental, Inc. is experienced in the successful completion of environmental compliance audits and environmental management audits. Environmental compliance auditing, which involves a review of a facility's current regulatory compliance status, is often used by regulated businesses and industries as a first step in controlling environmental liabilities. Environmental management audits involve a review of managerial risk control systems and procedures used by the business and industries to detect and correct potential deficiencies and violations.

Water, Wastewater, Storm Water, and Groundwater

Leed Environmental, Inc. offers a wide variety of high-quality environmental services related to the development and implementation of environmental studies, regulatory compliance activities, permitting, and innovative problem solving related to potable water, surface water, groundwater, and wastewater. Comprehensive technical services related to storm water sampling and analysis, permitting, preparation of pollution prevention plans, and other compliance programs are also available. For groundwater, we frequently develop, manage, and direct groundwater monitoring programs and the evaluation, selection, design, and implementation of groundwater remediation programs.

LEED Consulting

The LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, rating system is a voluntary, national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings, Leed Environmental, Inc. provides consulting services to identify, integrate, and ensure that sustainable design strategies are incorporated into new building construction or existing facilities.

"Green" Initiatives/Sustainability Consulting

To assist businesses in boosting profitability and benefiting the environment, Leed Environmental, Inc. provides strategic consulting services to identify and develop "green" environmental strategies.

Litigation Support and Environmental Support for Bankruptcy Proceedings

Leed Environmental, Inc. has provided a variety of litigation support services, including preparation of technical reports in support of legal efforts, peer review activities, administrative hearing support, and deposition testimony. Our efforts have been instrumental in providing support to counsel and obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients.

Other Services

Leed Environmental, Inc. also provides other specialized services that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients.